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Lydia Velezheva

Lydia Velezheva

On October 2, Lydia Velezheva turns 54, and she spent more than half of her life with Alexei Guskov. After three decades of marriage, the husband continues to confess his love to the actress and say that she made him happy. Isn’t this every woman’s dream?

A celebrity couple rarely discusses family life, preferring to keep the details secret. It is obvious that the relationship of the spouses has been tested for strength, because in the difficult 90s, during the period of an acute shortage of roles and money, and after the explosion in popularity, they remained together. Perhaps it was Guskov who did not allow Velezheva to give up in the most difficult moments: when she did not receive interesting offers in the cinema, when she lost her sister, or found herself in the epicenter of a scandal, risking her reputation, being removed from the Moscow – Tel Aviv flight …

How could Lydia Velezheva, unnoticed in high-profile conflicts, turn into a “brawl organizer”? What events became key to the career of an actress and did she have any reasons for regret?


Lydia Velezheva grew up with her sister Irina

Lydia Velezheva grew up with her sister Irina

Lydia Velezheva grew up side by side with her sister Irina. The girls were born with a difference of five minutes, but at the same time they turned out to be very different: Lida was a natural-born leader, she was not afraid of work and felt free in large companies, Ira was shy and at the same time cunning. For example, when the mother asked the children to clean up the house, all the worries fell on the shoulders of the future actress: the twin blackmailed her, promising to tell her parent about her late return home from a disco or other oversight.

Mom was a leader in production and worked in three shifts, but when it came time to send heiresses to school, she planned to change jobs in order to devote more time to her family. The director of the tobacco factory did not want to let the valuable employee go and offered her to place the children in a boarding school: Lyubov Leonidovna Velezheva paid 50 percent of the cost of education, and the organization paid the other half.

It is generally accepted that orphans end up in a boarding school, and their whole life in the institution is saturated with suffering. However, in the case of the Velezhevs sisters, there was no drama: the school was well fed, taught Chinese, ballroom dancing, handball, and playing various instruments. When, three years later, my mother wanted to take the girls home, they with tears in their eyes begged to leave them to continue their studies.

“There was also a drama club. As far back as I can remember, I wanted to become an actress. When I was 13 I said to myself: “I have to shoot, so they have to see me”. I knew that there was a Dovzhenko film studio, and in my free time I climbed over the fence and went there. I came and said that I want to act, here, they say, is my photograph, ”the artist shared.

The artist performed her first role in the film

The artist performed her first role in the film “Waiting”

The assistant looked at the girl in surprise, but eventually told the director Radomir Vasilevsky that she had found a candidate for the role of Varka in the film “Waiting”. After the casting, where dozens of peers with their parents came, lonely Lida did not think that she would get a job. However, in the end, it was she who was approved for the shooting.

Star fever after the release of the picture did not threaten the girl: the pupils of the boarding school teased Velezheva, believing that she jumped over her head when she decided to become an artist. There was no talk of “pull”, and when Lydia went to Moscow to enter the “Pike”. She literally jumped into the last car of the departing train: the course was almost completed, there was only one student missing. Larisa Pashkova, who played the grandmother in the film “Waiting”, turned out to be in the selection committee, and the applicant was worried when she saw her senior colleague in front of her.

“Larisa Alekseevna said after the show:“ I recognized you, but you didn’t perform very well, it is clear that you were worried. Here is the master of the course, Alla Kazanskaya, in the next room, go to her. If you like it, he will take it, if not, he will drive it away. And Alla Aleksandrovna accepted me, ”Velezheva said in the program“ My Hero ”on TVC.

The actress played emotionally in the movie

The actress played emotionally in the movie “The Idiot”

Lydia was extremely self-critical: in each role she invariably found flaws, no matter how many rehearsals and takes preceded the final result. The directors were much more loyal to the actress: upon graduation, she was admitted to the Vakhtangov Theater and invited to the film “State Border”. Then the artist appeared in the films “It’s not scary to die”, “Classic” and “The Thief”, and gained wide fame after filming the series “The Investigation is Conducted by ZnatoKi”, where she played the criminalist Kitaeva.

It seemed a real miracle that Velezheva was invited to the adaptation of the novel “The Idiot” to Vladimir Bortko. The director tried dozens of artists, but still could not find his Nastasya Filippovna. Only Lydia was able to impress the authors of the project and realize their idea.

Coma, drunkenness, death of loved ones – the actors of “Deadly Force” and their broken fates

She continued to play in film adaptations of classics, detective stories and comedies, and was also remembered by the audience for her roles in the TV series “Deadly Force”, “Birch” and “Doctor Richter”. It is symbolic that in some films the actress played with her husband, Alexei Guskov.


Velezheva is happily married to Alexei Guskov for 32 years

Velezheva is happily married to Alexei Guskov for 32 years

For the first time Velezheva saw Guskov at a rehearsal of an entertaining performance, when she was still studying at a university. Everything happened as described in the books: as soon as the actress glanced at her colleague, time seemed to stand still. Shocked, Lydia asked the artist for a match.

“Why did I suddenly say about matches? But Lesha took a box out of his pocket, handed it to me, and I thought: “This will be my husband.” And everything started again, the time went by, ”Velezheva recalled.

Alexey Guskov and Lydia Velezheva became grandfather and grandmother

Later it turned out that as a child, Guskov lived next door to his future lover in Kiev. However, even these amazing signs did not affect the artist’s pragmatic views: unlike the romantic Lydia, he called the beginning of their relationship “a boring, banal, vulgar connection between actors, which grew into family life.”

“I looked at her intently. I thought whether she would give me the matches or not. And she, satisfied, sits and thinks: “Why is he looking at me like that? I guess I’m good! ” Here is such a funny story, ”Guskov told his version of acquaintance.

Vladimir made his parents grandparents

Vladimir made his parents grandparents

One way or another, the actors’ stormy romance resulted in a strong marriage, which continues to this day. Many trials fell to their lot: life in a communal apartment, the crisis of the 90s and stagnation in the cinema, which, according to rumors, brought Guskov to problems with alcohol. Together, the couple were able to overcome difficulties and wait for the finest hour, as well as raise two sons, Vladimir and Dimitri. The eldest heir made the parents grandparents: in 2016, he had a daughter, Stephanie.

For more than 30 years, people around have admired the union of Lydia and Alexei. But if the actress can be proud of the family she has created, then the thoughts of the parental home are now poisoned for her by sad memories. The fact is that the artist’s sister died at 43 from a heart attack – alone, in a rented apartment … Velezheva still thinks that she should have saved Irina from premature departure.

Lydia Velezheva blames herself for her sister’s death

The life of my sister initially did not work out: an early unsuccessful marriage, refusal to enter a university, alcohol dependence. Lydia tried to support her relative morally and financially, but after the death of her second husband, she broke down. Having lost interest in everything, Irina fenced herself off from loved ones. “I remember how I stood in the morgue, they showed me her photograph, and I even imagined how she died, what clothes she wore,” Velezheva said in the program “The Fate of a Man”. – Ira came home, and her heart could not stand it. She was stung, with her last breath she lay down on the pillow and died. “


Velezheva filed a lawsuit against the studio after the release of the film “Veniks.  Floor brushes

Velezheva filed a lawsuit against the studio after the release of the film “Veniks. Floor brushes “

Lydia Velezheva was distinguished by her exactingness and integrity, but did her firm character interfere with the work? The scandalous actress was not considered, although there were unpleasant episodes in her biography. So, even during the perestroika period, when there were not so many roles, Velezheva refused to act in explicit scenes. “Nudity” was not foreseen in the tape “Veniks. Sex Brushes, ”where she played Xiao-Miao. After completing the shooting of her episodes, the artist left for Kiev, and when she returned, she found out that the director had added eroticism to the script. Instead of Lydia, understudies appeared in the frame, which she found outrageous.

Velezheva filed a lawsuit against the studio, won the case and received compensation, and the story of the “undressed in absentia” actress was circulated in newspapers. In fairness, the scandal did not affect Lydia’s reputation: on the contrary, many colleagues appreciated the high standards and moral principles of the artist.

“I’m an actress. And you are plebeians “: Lydia Velezheva made a brawl on the plane

But these are the affairs of bygone days, but the situation that arose in Velezheva’s last October was far from being favored by everyone. The actress was supposed to go to Israel, where the play “Territory of Passion” was planned. Due to technical problems, the flight was postponed, the artist was pretty frozen while waiting for boarding in a cold bus without outerwear. When, finally, Lydia took her seat on board the airliner, she refused to comply with the flight attendant’s request and bring the back of the chair back to its original position. According to eyewitnesses, the star behaved extremely rude and aggressive, and later there were reports that she looked drunk.

Last October, Lydia Velezheva was dropped from the plane for a scandal

Last October, Lydia Velezheva was dropped from the plane for a scandal

As a result, the woman was removed from the flight by the police. Law enforcement officers acted indelicately: the actress had large bruises on her arms and legs. The artist was forced to undergo a medical examination, and it turned out that in her blood there was 0.43 ppm of alcohol – as with light intoxication. The scandal was gaining momentum, Velezheva was accused of all mortal sins: arrogant behavior, alcohol abuse, brawl … What really happened?

Lydia Velezheva: “The stewardess offered me a glass of wine, I agreed”

“I immediately threw back my chair because I have a bad back. Preparing for the rest. In addition, I drank sleeping pills, because I don’t sleep well on the plane, and in the evening I had to go on stage and play. The stewardess offered a glass of wine, I agreed, drank it and said not to be bothered anymore, I will not eat, ”Lydia explained.

The actress continues to delight the audience with a talented game

The actress continues to delight the audience with a talented game

According to the actress, because of the long delay in departure, many were nervous on that liner: a couple in the neighborhood swore loudly, people expressed dissatisfaction with the situation. However, the remark was made only to the artist, in response she was indignant and refused to buckle up. I had to pay both an administrative fine of 500 rubles and a new plane ticket. But this did not seem the most offensive. “They wrote that two planes were canceled because of me. That I was drunk, behaved inappropriately. And the people who came to us and filmed with their mobile phones behaved adequately? It is very offensive to realize that it is so easy to get into a scandal, ”the star complained.

Velezheva’s husband: “Lydia did not drink, but took sleeping pills to sleep”

Fans reacted differently to what happened. Some were indignant that the requirement to raise the back was presented to everyone, and the fact that the actress refused to fulfill it was already a reason for being removed from the flight. Others sympathized with the idol, out of whose mistake they fanned the tragedy. However, now the excitement around history has subsided, and did the artist have time to worry for a long time? Velezheva is still busy working in performances and television projects, continuing to delight the audience with a talented game. The star hopes that the opinion of her will be made up thanks to her bright roles, and not far-fetched scandals.

Based on materials “Interlocutor“,”KP“.

Photo: Legion-Media, personal archive, stills of films “Waiting”, “Idiot”, “Veniks. Floor brushes “, Vk.com


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