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Marina Golub

Marina Golub

Cheerful, energetic, adoring life – this is how Marina Golub was described by colleagues, friends and relatives. She herself called herself a “smiley” – a smile always shone on Marina Grigorievna’s face, even in the most difficult times. Or rather, especially in difficult times?

She was a holiday woman who had time to do absolutely everything: play on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater, act in films, host a TV show, try her hand at directing. When the actress fell in love, she threw herself into the pool with her head, and at the moment of parting, she suffered deeply. But the days passed, the artist herself “threw up the clouds with her hands” and returned to her usual mood, as if her goal was to please others, and to leave personal torment in the background.

Even having lost a loved one, Marina Golub did not lose the meaning of existence. She devoted her last months to work and investigating the death of the chosen one, Mikhail Kravchenko. At the same time, the actress made plans and told in an interview that her path was just beginning, and there were new roles and achievements ahead. However, the ideas did not come true: on the night of October 9-10, 2012, the 54-year-old artist died in a terrible accident. On the anniversary of the death of the star, we remember what she dreamed of, how she knew how to love and live in full force.


As a child, Marina Golub dreamed of becoming a ballerina

As a child, Marina Golub dreamed of becoming a ballerina

Marina Grigorievna did not know her biological father, since he left the family early. The girl’s adoptive dad was GRU Colonel Grigory Efimovich Golub, but she did not feel like a stepdaughter – the scout from the very beginning treated the baby as his own daughter.

Mom, Lyudmila Golub, has come a long way from a travesty actress to a dramatic heroine, played at the Gogol Theater, then moved to the stage. But in general, the career did not work out: according to Marina Grigorievna, because of the straightforwardness of the parent, who could say anything to the director.

Samples for the film

Samples for the film “Say a Word about Poor Hussar”

A lot of people always gathered in the house of the artist and the colonel. Little Marina invariably found herself in the center of the holiday: a thin girl portrayed a “dying swan” in front of the guests, and in return received compliments that she would definitely become a ballerina. The child dreamed of the Bolshoi Theater, but the local teacher passed a stern verdict – they say, this is still a baby slender as a cypress, but will grow up large and tall.

The teacher’s words broke the girl’s heart, but children tend to quickly forget the bad. Several years have passed, and Marina Golub has already dreamed of becoming an actress. Mom discouraged the heiress, knowing how difficult it is to succeed in this field. The girl did her own thing and eventually graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School. She was considered one of the best graduates of Viktor Manyukov’s course, graduation performances were brilliant, Valentin Pluchek invited her to the Satire Theater, but … it did not happen.

“With my graduation performances, applause, laudatory articles, I suddenly turned out to be of no use to anyone,” Golub complained. – Of course it was stress. And then my mother, who was a professional actress, said: “Marina, don’t sit, don’t wait for anything. Go to work on the stage. It will give a sense of life. “

Konstantin Raikin invited the actress to

Konstantin Raikin invited the actress to “Satyricon”

For two years the artist went to concerts, hosted an entertainer and read poetry in clubs, until Konstantin Raikin invited her to the Satyricon. “I played in the play“ Faces ”, where someone even noticed me. Then she worked at the Shalom Theater. And finally, the Moscow Art Theater. So everything was very difficult, but I am glad that it turned out that way. This makes it possible to appreciate what you have, ”the actress emphasized.

Almost immediately after graduation, Marina Grigorievna played Verka in the dilogy “The Youth of Peter” and “At the beginning of glorious deeds.” Later, the actress appeared in the popular films “Shirley-Myrli”, “Driver for Vera” and “The Man from the Boulevard des Capucines” in secondary roles. In the 2000s, she was often invited to the series: “Maroseyka, 12”, “On the corner at the Patriarch’s”, “Dasha Vasilyeva. A lover of private investigation. “

Marina Golub became a popular TV presenter

Marina Golub became a popular TV presenter

Of course, playing in episodes is a blow to the pride of any talented artist. But Marina Golub did not lose heart, but, on the contrary, remained optimistic, managing to energize everyone around, instead of murmuring at fate. The actress’s cheerfulness came in handy on television. Her first program was “Holiday every day”, also the star at one time hosted “Morning mail”, “Good morning” and the show “Eh, Semyonovna!”, And since 2010 – the project “Girls”.

Marina Golub. Memory gallery

“Although the topics are discussed in advance, and there is a script, half of what we say on the air is improvisation,” the actress reasoned about Girls. – We tell completely real stories from our lives. Even my daughter says to me: “Mom, why are you spreading the whole truth about yourself, you don’t need to be naked like that.” Then it suits me that we are changing, that there is a line of leaders. When they see you every day, they get tired of you. “

In a whirlpool with a head

Golub's first love was Dmitry Zolotukhin

Golub’s first love was Dmitry Zolotukhin

The most prominent student in Manyukov’s course was considered Dmitry Zolotukhin, the one who later received the main role in “The Youth of Peter”. He could conquer any girl, but it was from Marina Golub that he lost his head. “Soft, sincere, clever, and also an incredible laugh. You can’t find the second one neither in our stream, nor in the entire institute, “- said the actress Elena Borzova.

The actress called Zolotukhina her first adult love. In her third year, she even became pregnant by her chosen one, but did not dare to leave the child: she had an abortion, as she was afraid of expulsion. After some time, the relationship between the students ended, and Dmitry started a new romance – with Marina’s friend Anastasia Ivanova. Golub reacted to the situation with the usual good nature: she did not hold any grudge against her friend or her ex-boyfriend. However, the artist did not have anything serious with Anastasia – as a result, the girl married Boris Nevzorov.

Can you say goodbye? Who stole the life of Anastasia Ivanova – the wife of Boris Nevzorov

Marina Golub met her first wife banally: she was catching a ride. Entrepreneur Yevgeny Troinin gave the actress a lift home and asked for a phone number. They started dating, and it was obvious that the man was very serious. But the trouble is – the artist did not fall in love, and this seemed to her the most important thing – if in a pool, then with her head. At that moment, the advice to marry was given to Marina by her stepfather: they say, the guy is decent, and feelings can be imbued with later.

“From my first husband, with whom I lived nothing at all, I had a daughter – a clever, hard worker, working as a producer,” Golub summed up. “Nastya is very talented, by some miracle she combines commerce and art.”

Evgeny Troinin could not keep the actress for a long time

Evgeny Troinin could not keep the actress for a long time

The artist failed to maintain relations with Vadim Dolgachev

The artist failed to maintain relations with Vadim Dolgachev

So, the “endure-fall in love” scheme did not work with Marina Grigorievna. It was not possible to maintain a relationship for a long time with the person for whom she experienced real passion. Colleague in “Satyricon” Vadim Dolgachev did not strive to become a great artist, and Golub dreamed of seeing a successful man next to her. Everything turned out sadly: while the actress worked, Vadim sat at home with her daughter, out of boredom he began to drink. In parallel with leaving the theater, the divorce of the spouses took place.

Anatoly Bely: “Marina Golub’s departure is my eternal wound”

In the mid-90s, in stellar circles, they started talking about Golub’s stormy romance with the novice artist Anatoly Bely. The age difference of 15 years did not bother the couple at all, and subsequently the actress called Anatoly her main love. In 2007, the union broke up, for which many condemned Bely: allegedly the man gained fame thanks to his wife, and then went to a young passion.

The actress called Anatoly Bely her main love

The actress called Anatoly Bely her main love

“He had a difficult story, now he has a young wife who has given birth to two children. And I couldn’t even do one thing … It was difficult, tore him out of my soul with blood, after all, we were together for 15 years, but then let go – let him be happy, ”Golub commented.

Marina Golub’s last love ended tragically. The director of the furniture factory, Mikhail Kravchenko, looked after the artist beautifully, gave gifts, she also wrote romantic poems to the chosen one. According to friends, the actress and the businessman had the same views on life, characters, preferences. Fragile happiness collapsed when the furniture mogul was killed in the spring of 2012. The star could not come to terms with the loss: she conducted her own investigation, wishing to reveal the circumstances of Mikhail’s death …


Anastasia still cannot come to terms with the death of her mother

Anastasia still cannot come to terms with the death of her mother

The last days of the actress’s life were eventful: a trip to Paris, a return to Moscow, where she was already expected at a rehearsal in her native Moscow Art Theater, and then – an interview with the correspondent of the newspaper “Argumenty Nedeli”. The artist spent the evening at the Theater of Nations at the opening of the Territory festival. The spectator who was sitting next to her remembered how Marina Grigorievna watched the performance in the company of Lia Akhedzhakova, laughed fervently and joked that “they, old ladies, are still ahead” …

At about 23.45, the actress got into Dmitry Turkin’s Hyundai, and at 0:10 she was gone. At the intersection of Vernadsky Avenue and Lobachevsky Street, a Cadillac crashed into a car, the artist and her driver died instantly, and the perpetrator of the accident, Alexei Rusakov, fled the scene. Only three days later, Aleksey plucked up courage and published a video where he explained that he was moving towards a yellow light, but Turkin allegedly slowed down earlier than expected.

The culprit of the accident, in which Marina Golub died, was released

Rusakov was sentenced to 6.5 years in a general regime colony, but this did not console the daughter of Marina Golub, her friends and colleagues. Nothing could return them a bright artist who loved life so much. And last December it turned out that the culprit of the fatal accident was already at large.

“He was drunk, they jailed him. But he went out and lives. He ruined other people’s lives, and broke his own: threw away those years that he spent in prison. If he realized what he had done, then only sympathy remains. Sometimes I wake up at night and cannot understand: did all this really happen or was it a nightmare? ” – the daughter of the actress Anastasia was indignant.

The culprit in the road accident was sentenced to 6.5 years in a general regime colony

The culprit in the road accident was sentenced to 6.5 years in a general regime colony

Marina Golub never found out that the murderer of her beloved Mikhail was business partner Alexei Pronin: only in 2015 the court sentenced the man, having imprisoned him for 13 years. The actress did not find out about the rapprochement between her daughter and dad – Anastasia’s grandfather died in 2014, and she decided to rethink her relationship with her only remaining relative.

Marina Golub’s daughter rethought her relationship with dad after the tragedy

Life went on, but without the participation of Marina Grigorievna. But the artist had so many plans, hopes, ideas that, alas, were not destined to come true. It remains only to remember her: an incorrigible optimist, a talented actress, a woman who knew how to love.

“My character helps me out – no matter what happens, I try not to give up and continue to love humanity,” Golub said in a recent interview. – Agree, the most difficult thing is to love another person. Much easier to love dogs. Every person has something negative, something that can be annoying. You can make a catastrophe and horror out of life, or you can make happiness and joy. It seems to me that my boat is just beginning to move from a tiny lake into the ocean. I would like to believe that there is enough health to do something else in this life … “.

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Photo: Legion-Media, PhotoXPress.ru, Kristina Nikishina // Getty Images, AGN “Moscow”, personal archive, archive of the press service, frame of the film “Youth of Peter”, frame of the program “Girls” of the channel “Russia-1”


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