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82 group halloween costume ideas for 2020

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Yes, Halloween is this month. Can you even believe it?! While celebrating the spooky occasion will look different this year with social distancing and face masks still very much part of our normal routines, it doesn’t mean you have to completely forgo dressing up! Like, going door to door for candy probably won’t be happening, but you can totally throw a party in your house and go all out with decorations. I, for one, am stressing a little about what to even wear, but if you’re living with friends or your family (or even just your dog or cat right now), I rounded up a ton of amazing group Halloween costumes to help on the idea front this October.

From pop-culture moments and iconic movie and TV characters to your favorite band, there’s no shortage of inspiration so you and your BFFs can get in on the ~scary~ spirit this fall. Keep scrolling for 82 (EIGHTY TWO!) hilarious, fun, and OTT group costumes, and start dropping your faves in the group chat to really get ahead start.

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Avatar the Last Airbender

The throwback Nickelodeon series was picked up by Netflix this year, and it’s become even more popular. Put your cosplay skills to the test and DIY these outfits from the Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads.


A League of Their Own

The characters in this classic ’90s flick wore bold red and pink outfits that you can pretty easily recreate or find in a thrift store. Just be careful with those baseball bats!


The Clovers from Bring It On

Get your friends together and wear these matching Clovers cheer sets so your squad can chant and dance all night long.


Tiger King

The Tiger King craze of March seems like ages ago, but, hey, it still makes a great group costume with minimal effort—if you have a lot of animal-printed clothing that is.


Hey Arnold!

Move it, football head! The cartoon series is such a great throwback, and each character has a signature look that’ll be so fun to copy with your friends.


Cereal Boxes

Everyone has their all-time fave cereal! (Fruity Pebbles is the best, duh.) Get together and dress up as Fred Flintstone, Tony the Tiger, a leprechaun, a bee, or any other cereal icon this Halloween.


Mortal Kombat Characters

Prepare to do some jump kicks, punches, and flips in these colorful costumes.



Sure, minion costumes have been around for ages, but they’re just so delightful! A yellow hoodie, overalls, and goggles are three simple items that help bring these cartoon cuties to life.



Get some fuzzy animal ears to replicate the children’s cartoon with your group. You might already have a lot of these clothes in your closets, so it’s minimal effort for a cute costume!


The Purge

You can leave this up to your group’s interpretation since this horror series really emphasizes the whole “no rules” thing, but masks and fake blood and axes def get the point across.


Hocus Pocus

The witches in this spooky flick are immediately recognizable with their makeup, hairstyles, and colorful capes. The Sanderson Sisters are kind of Halloween fashion icons, let’s be honest.



Outwitting bullies one recess/Halloween party at a time.



Anyone else terrified of the “tethered” people from this movie? OK, cool. Grab your best red jumpsuit, some scissors, and fingerless gloves to become this horrifying fam from Us.


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Be any kind of Spiderman you want to be! Dibs on Spider-Ham.


The Gross Sisters from The Proud Family

Another nostalgic cartoon is The Proud Family. It also has one of the best theme songs?! But why go the obvious route as Penny and her friends, when you could go all out with blue body paint and be the Gross sisters and ask for everyone’s lunch money?


Guardians of the Galaxy

Get your space exploration on with this galactic group costume. Antennas, green face paint, and a raccoon tail encouraged.


Steven Universe

If you and your friends are fans of this animated series, it makes one cool group costume—and gives you an excuse to pose in an epic IG pic.


Barnyard Animals

Shoutout to your local farm. Each of you can pick your favorite animal and bring a little of the country to your next Halloween party.


Cheetah Girls

‘Cause we are sisters, we stand together! Love a Disney Channel movie with catchy songs. Get the Cheetah Girls back together with these colorful tracksuit ‘fits.


Inside Out

Channel ALL the emotions with this fun group costume. You can use a combination of things you already own as well as store-bought items like face paint and wigs to really go in on those ~feels~.


Mario Kart

Choose your fave character and put on some gowns, crowns, hats, and overalls to make it seem like you just walked straight out of a Nintendo game.


The Heathers

Grab a croquet mallet, your best pleated skirt-and-blazer combo, and red lipstick to dress up as the characters from this ’80s classic.


The ’90s

If you’re a ’90s baby, there’s no better way to give a shout-out to your decade—just grab some acid-wash jeans, a fanny pack, and a scrunchie.


The Scooby Gang

Put your best detective skills to work with this group costume. (And make sure you bring Scooby Snacks to refuel.)


Josie and the Pussycats

Put on your best cat ears and all your leopard-printed clothes to be this musical trio.


The Breakfast Club

It’s super easy to recreate the outfits from this classic flick using clothes from your own closet (e.g., a denim jacket, flannel shirt, jeans, a pink top).*Raises one fist in the air*


Mean Girls

The whole gang is here! Deck yourselves out with pink shirts, plaid skirts, and cropped cardigans to get the lewk.


The Cast of Grease

You’ll be dancing and singing “Summer Nights” the whole time with these costumes—e.g., pink bomber jackets, black leggings, and neck scarves.


The Sailor Scouts

“In the name of the moon, I will right wrong and triumph over evil…and that means you!” DIY these with some fabric paint and makeup skills to create the tiaras…or just order them online lol.


The Fanta Girls

Don’t you wanna…don’t you wanna Fanta Fanta? Kylie Jenner and her friends wore these latex pieces, but anything in a solid color gets the point across (especially if you have your coordinating Fanta bottle with you).


Dany and Her Three Dragons

Ummm, not gonna throw in any spoilers, but only one of these characters is still alive. Create a halter top by wrapping and pinning some fabric, wear a matching skirt, braid your hair, and you’re a queen! Or if you’re a dragon, uh, buy a dragon mask?



Perfect if you live for dramatic eye makeup. Wear something black, mesh, and leather, then go all out with the eyeliner and face paint.



Ugh, as IF! The feather boa, plaid outfits, and flip phones definitely make this group costume recognizable.


The Beatles

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band never looked so good. You might have to hit up a thrift or vintage store for these colorful ensembles, but it’ll be so worth it when you look like THIS.


Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

If you don’t have friends willing to commit to the group costume, your dogs always work too! A flame shirt, spiked hair, and sunglasses are SO Guy Fieri.


The Cast of Beetlejuice

Say it three times, and the striped icon will appear!


The Price Is Right Contestants

Cardboard + paint + twine = your colorful board. Then just cut out your name tag for this fun game-show costume.


The Aliens From Toy Story

The claw!!! Glue some big ol’ googly eyes on a green headband, add alien ears, and give yourself matching makeup.


Voldemort‘s Horcruxes

Instead of going as Harry, Ron, and Hermione, put a different spin on your Harry Potter costumes and go as horcruxes instead. Quick, grab the sword of Gryffindor!


Britney Spears Through the Years

What’s better than one Britney? Four, of course. Channel the pop star through time with each person dressing up in a different iconic look.


Morticia and Gomez Addams

True relationship goals, am I right? Puff some white powder on your face for a spooky vibe, wear black head to toe, and put on some bright red lipstick for this costume. If you’re going as Gomez, draw on a thin pencil mustache and wear a suit.


The Strangers

Welp, this is pretty terrifying. You can wear normal clothes, because, for this costume, it’s all about the effing scary masks.


Silent Hill Nurses

Sure, these nurses are just from a movie, but it doesn’t make them any less horrifying. All you need is a white dress, fake blood, a nurse’s hat, and either great makeup skills or, like, toilet paper for your face. Joy!


Sparkly Mermaids

Who needs legs when you and your crew all have fab sequined tails? Break out the bedazzler on an inexpensive bra, give yourself mermaid-worthy hair, and go all out with body glitter to look like you just walked straight out of the ocean.


Bob‘s Burgers

Belcher fam represent. Glasses? Check. Pink bunny ears? Check. Big burger? Check.



More like #Baewatch, right? Lifeguard gear might be hard to find during fall months (unless you live in Florida), so order some whistles, red one-pieces, and shorts for a coordinating costume.


Beanie Babies

Channel all that ’90s nostalgia with your best buds, who also no doubt had a collection of these in their bedrooms.


Codename: Kids Next Door

Speaking of nostalgia, how about this major #TBT to one of Cartoon Network’s best shows?


French Kiss

Everyone loves a classic pun costume. Go heavy on the eye makeup, and then sport some stripes and berets.


A Pizza Party

The best kind of party TBH. Cardboard is your friend for these triangle-shaped costumes.


All the Taylor Swifts

The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now…except here’s a bunch of old Taylor Swifts from every phase of her music career.


Circus Performers

Every posse needs a ringleader with a top hat.


The Spice Girls

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends. Live out your Spice Girl dreams and rock some go-go boots, sequins, tracksuits, and leopard print.


Beer Pong

It’s now a competitive sport.


The Fairly Odd Parents

Floaty crown-y things or wires? But all jokes aside, you just need wigs, wands, and huge teeth to nail this costume.


Monica and Rachel From Friends

On Halloween, no one can judge you for wearing a wedding dress not on your wedding day.


Aliens From Sesame Street

What do you get when you cross solid-colored blankets with huge-ass eyeballs? These “Yip yip yip yip!” guys.


Google Maps

A plaid gray T-shirt and red poster board will come in handy for this. And if someone doesn’t get it, just say, “Recalculating…”


LaCroix Cans

Tie-dye shirts and LaCroix make this one cute and refreshing group costume.


Jurassic Park

Get khaki shirts, cargo pants, and boots for the human part; buy this blow-up thing for the dinosaur part.



Suddenly craving a smoothie rn. An oversize T-shirt, coordinating wig, and Sharpie does the trick for this one.


Batman Characters

Never pass up a chance to dress like Harley Quinn. I mean, the two-toned pigtails AND pants? Incredible.


The Addams Family

No fighting over who gets to be Wednesday Addams!


The Swan Queen and the Black Swan From Black Swan

Plié and jeté your way through all the Halloween parties with these contrasting black and white tutus.


Rugrats Babies

Crop tops will forever be immortalized by shows about babies who can’t fit their clothes.


Care Bears

Why be terrifying when you can be cute and fluffy? Get a sleep onesie and stick one of the symbols on it, and congrats…you’re a bear!



The only kind of trolls worth acknowledging. Colored hair spray, lots of gel, and bright tutus are the key for this throwback costume.


Social Butterflies

Feel free to block, mute, or delete anyone who tries you.


The Powerpuff Girls

Don’t let this sugar, spice, and everything nice fool you! Go monochrome, get some white socks with back shoes, and you’re ready to kick some ass.


Roller Coaster

Now THIS is how you use a pool noodle.


The Four Seasons

Dress up like your favorite time of year with your besties. Dibs on fall!


Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Piling on top of each other to create a rainbow is optional and not necessarily recommended.


The Wild Thornberrys

With this costume comes a non-optional family portrait. Especially to see Deb’s crimped hair in all its glory.


Clue Characters

I’m thinking it was Miss Scarlett with a rope in the kitchen…


Stranger Things Characters

Bring on the ’80s vibes with this amazing Stranger Things tribute.


Disney Princesses

If you and your friends are Disney obsessed, this is the group costume for you. (Although you might have to fight it out to be the princess you want.) Hit up a Halloween store for an exact outfit or make one yourself if you’re up to the task.


Game of Thrones Characters


The Flintstones

A good old-fashioned #TBT to the Stone Age. Cut out felt patches to recreate the patterns on these outfits.


Adventure Time Characters

The kid’s show that’s way funnier for adults. There are tons of Adventure Time–themed clothes online, like this Jake shirt, that will complete this group getup.


Rock, Paper, Scissors

Just know you’ll be dueling all night.


Coven From American Horror Story

Never pass up a chance to wear all black. Ever. Wear what’s already in your closet, and then just shop for a chic witchy hat.


Bath Loofahs

Now that’s a squeaky clean costume! Buy tulle at a fabric store, bunch it up, and now you’re a loofah.

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