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Since you’ve come to this article, I feel confident in assuming that as soon as Halloween is over, you’re the type of person who switches to full-on Santa mode (if Christmas is your thing, of course)—i.e., playing holiday music on repeat, watching the Hallmark channel nonstop, living in your coziest, ugliest sweaters. Which means I’m guessing you also love to switch up your nail art at the first sign of cold weather. And, honestly, I don’t blame you.

Buuuut, as much as I love winter nail designs, they do often lack the je ne sais quois of holiday-inspired Christmas nails. So to help you get as hyped as possible for December 25, I rounded up the best, most festive, sparkliest Christmas nail designs of 2020. But also—why wait until then?! Start wearing these 45 nail art ideas now because you know it’ll be a long 365 days before you’ll get to do it again.

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1. Evergreen and Gold Christmas Nails

If you fancy yourself a Christmas connoisseur and you can tell the difference between a fraser fir and a balsam fir TYVM, match your nails to the garland on your fireplace mantle and go with an earthy shade of green and a festive touch of gold.

Recreate it with: Nash + Pino Nail Lacquer in Eat Your Veggies

2. Cranberry-Colored Christmas Mani

Doesn’t this nail design make you think of a tasty holiday cranberry sauce?! To copy this saucy look, start with a base polish in a berry shade and—this part is key—while the paint is still wet, add swirls of a sheer neutral polish to get that marbled effect.

Recreate it with: Zoya Nail Lacquer in Alyssa

3. Marble Green With Gold Leaf Nails

Now that you’ve got that marbled technique down pat, add a little gold leaf on top with some nail transfer foil to take your Christmas look to the next level.

Recreate it with: Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Darjeeling Darling

4. Green Chrome Nail Polish

Is it just me or do these nails look like those metallic ball ornaments you see on every single Christmas tree? I can think of no better nail art to wear while decorating your own.

Recreate it with: ILNP Boutique Nail Lacquer in Reminisce

      5. A String of Christmas Lights

      TBH, copying this Christmas light-inspired nail look is probably less tedious than hanging actual Christmas lights around your home. Nail art hack: Use a wax stick or pencil to easily place the tiny stones where you want them. Then, use a nail art brush to paint a super-thin line that connects them.

      Recreate it with: Teenitor Professional Nail Decoration with Gems for Nails

      6. Red Rhinestone Nails

      For a bolder bedazzled look, use bigger gemstones in varying shapes and create your own Christmas-inspired design. Take this all-red look, for example, that starts with a coat of red nail polish and matching red rhinestones for texture.

      Recreate it with: Pear Nova Lacquer in Berry Jane

      7. Gradient Green Christmas Nail Polish

      If you own 50 shades of green polish, grab all of ’em and paint each nail a different shade from dark to light.

      Recreate it with: Suite Eleven Nail Lacquer in NY Who?

      8. Confetti Christmas Nails

      Whether you look at this nail design and think of colorful ornaments or multicolored string lights, one thing’s for sure: this mani definitely evokes the feeling of Christmas time. If you’ve got the patience (or at the very least, a wax stick), you can totally DIY this look.

      Recreate it with: Duufin 48 Colors Nail Sequins Round Nail Glitter Flakes

      9. Two-Toned Red Nails

      These Christmas designs only look like jelly nail extensions, but you can easily DIY it at home with two shades of red polish. Start with a base coat of bright red nail polish over the entire nail, then add a French tip with a darker red polish.

      Recreate it with: Nails Inc. Plant Powder Nail Polish in Swear By Salutation

      10. Green Retro Lines

      Thanks to the combo of retro lines and Christmas green colors, these nails give off equal parts roller skating and ice skating vibes. If your painting skills are better than your skating skills, grab a thin striping brush and give this look a try.

      Recreate it with: Revlon Nail Enamel in 571 Posh

      11. Blue Christmas Nails

      Wait! Don’t put away that blue nail polish just yet! Red and green might be the classic Christmas colors, but if you prefer a wintry mix of blue shades instead, you can still give it a Christmas feel by adding a little glitter nail polish and maybe even a sweater-inspired accent nail.

      Recreate it with: OPI Blue Infinite Shine Collection in To Be Continued

      12. Sparkly Silver Snowflakes

      This nail art look doesn’t include any of the classic colors, either, but what says “Christmas” better than silver sparkles and snowflakes?! If you can’t even cut a snowflake out of a folded piece of paper, let alone paint one on your tiny fingernail, glue a decal on your accent nail instead.

      Recreate it with: Mischo Beauty Nail Lacquer in Magnifique

      13. Neon Green Nails

      Can’t get enough of neon nail polish? Neither can we! Turn your bright summer nail shade into the perfect Christmas nail design with an added stripe of icy silver polish to balance it all out.

      Recreate it with: D.I.D. Nail Paint in Open Bar

      14. Green With Gold Studs

      The bright green color combined with the almond shape makes these nails look like tiny Christmas trees. If you feel like the design needs a little something extra, decorate your “trees” with a gold stud.

      Recreate it with: China Glaze Nail Lacquer in In The Lime Light

      15. Sage and Snowflakes

      Don’t know what I love more about this look, the icicle drips, the flocked white polish, the stud embellishments, the snowflake design, or the sage color. The good news is with these Christmas nails, you don’t have to pick a favorite! Wear allll of the things all at once.

      Recreate it with: Loud Lacquer in Juice Cleanse

      16. Multicolored Glitter Nails

      The best part about glitter polish is that it quite literally never comes off, so use that to your advantage. Apply it for Christmas Eve, and let it last you until New Year’s Eve (and let’s be honest, Valentine’s Day too).

      Recreate it with: Olive and June Nail Polish in Obvi

      17. Winter Blue and Christmas Green Polish

      For this look, no two nails are the same, which makes it the perfect design to copy if you’re not a very consistent freehand painter. Even abstract shapes can feel Christmas-y with the right colors of winter nail polishes.

      Recreate it with: Olive and June The Winter Set

      18. Mint Green Negative-Space Nails

      Mint green absolutely works as a Christmas color, too, and if you don’t believe me, Google Image search it. And while I wait for you to do that, I’ll share a quick tip to getting sharp, squiggly lines like this: a small makeup brush dipped in nail polish remover.

      Recreate it with: Duri Nail Polish in Summer Rain

      19. Red and Green Marble Nails

      If you took an art class in elementary school, you’re well aware that red and green paint mixed together makes brown. The trick to getting this red and green swirly look without muddying the color is to mix them into a sheer neutral or nude nail polish.

      Recreate it with: OPI Holiday 2020 Shine Bright Collection, Nail Lacquer Nail Polish

      20. Christmas Tree Trimmings

      Ornaments, tinsel, snowflakes—anything you would think to put on your Christmas tree would also make for the best designs to put on your nails during the holiday season. The more, the merrier (literally).

      Recreate it with: Teenitor Stamp Nail Art Tool with 15pcs

      21. Christmas Plaid

      What design pairs perfectly with stiletto nails, you ask? Christmas plaid! Just look at how the long lines complement the nail shape! You’ve got approximately one thousand plaid prints to choose from, but as long as you include shades of red, green, blue, and gold, you can pull off a classic pattern easy enough.

      Recreate it with: Shany Cosmetics Nail Polish Set in Funky

      22. White Christmas Nails

      I believe it was Buddy the Elf who put the sea of swirly-twirly gum drops on the map. Reference that Christmas classic with this unique nail look. Start with a sheer white base coat, then paint the swirls with a winter white nail polish.

      Recreate it with: Sally Hansen Insta Dri Nail Color in White On Time

      23. Tree Ornaments

      Trim the tree? More like trim your nails—and I mean that both ways. Even super-short nails can get in on the nail art party with classic tree trimmings, like these round ornaments that fit perfectly on even the smallest nail beds.

      Recreate it with: Deborah Lippmann ‘Very Berry’ Nail Polish Set

      24. Green Ballerina Nails

      If you associate Christmas with The Nutcracker ballet, these ballerina nails are the clever, minimal nail design you need to try this holiday season.

      Recreate it with: La Pierre Cosmetics Lacquer in Boom Chakra-Laka

      25. Holiday Press-On Nails

      If you’re absolutely horrible at painting your own fingernails, try press-on nails like these instead so you don’t have to forgo fun designs just because you have shaky hands.

      Recreate it with: Kiss imPRESS Nail Couture Collection in Quartz

      26. Red-and-Gold Geometric Nails

      ’Tis the season to paint your nails pale pink and with bright red tips. Don’t forget to add some minimalist gold lines to finish off the look.

      Recreate it with: Essie Nail Polish in Forever Yummy

      27. Santa Hat and Mittens

      Keep your holiday nail design simple and really freakin’ cute by decorating each nail with iconic Christmas symbols.

      Recreate it with: Ella+Mila Nail Polish in Paint the Town Red

      28. Mistletoe Mani

      I mean, how cute are these mistletoe nails? I’m obsessed. And the best part about this design? It’s super easy to pull off, no matter how long your nails are.

      Recreate it with: OPI Nail Lacquer in Alpine Snow

      29. Candy Cane Stripes

      If you can’t keep your hands off of candy canes during Christmas (tbh, who can??), try out this candy cane-inspired look. With a combo of glitter and red-and-white stripes, you can recreate the look of the tasty treat pretty easily.

      Recreate it with: Zoya Nail Polish in Snow White

      30. Realistic Reindeer

      Not down to rock a bold Christmas hue? Don’t worry—this Christmas nail design is perfect for you. The deep colors give off a chill vibe, but the reindeer design shows that you’re still very much into the holiday season.

      Recreate it with: Smith & Cult Nail Polish Glitter

      31. Covered in Candy Canes

      This red-and-white candy cane design is so cute, as long as you don’t go overboard. If you don’t want to look too extra, try painting candy canes on only three of your fingers.

      Recreate it with: China Glaze Nail Polish in Go Crazy Red

      32. Red With White Snowflakes

      A white Christmas might not be a thing where you live, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some snowflakes onto your nails to get you in the holiday mood. Paint your nails red first, let the polish dry completely, then add on the snowflakes.

      Recreate it with: INLP Cherry Luxe Nail Polish in Rich Red

      33. Sparkly Stars

      Instead of doing a basic five-point star on your nails, try out this Christmas star nail design instead. Not only is it gorgeous, but the glitter polish also adds a nice sparkle.

      Recreate it with: Smith and Cult Nail Polish in Shattered Souls

      34. Festive Penguins

      Penguins plus Santa hats—who could resist? Reindeers might be the official mascot of the holiday, but penguins are a close second IMO.

      Recreate it with: OPI Nail Lacquer in Black Onyx

      35. Abstract Christmas Tree

      Go for a more colorful look with this Christmas nail design. The abstract Christmas tree plus the sparkly studs make for an eye-catching holiday nail look.

      Recreate it with: Revlon Nail Enamel in Romantique

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      36. Santa’s Sleigh

      Slay the nail game this holiday season with this extremely detailed sleigh design. You probably won’t be able to do this one on your own, so take a screenshot and ask your talented friend do it for you.

      Recreate it with: Pacifica Nail Polish in 1972 Pool Party

      37. Mr. and Mrs. Claus

      Who wouldn’t want this jolly and cheerful couple on their nails? It’s the perfect mani design to wear to your virtual office holiday party this year.

      Recreate it with: Ella + Mila Nail Polish in Naughty Not Nice

      38. The Grinch-Inspired

      Mr. Grinch is a mean one, but he’ll look really good on your nails this winter as you binge-watch his movies on TV.

      Recreate it with: OPI Nail Lacquer in Envy the Adventure

      39. Winter Wonderland Nails

      This Christmas nail design actually looks like a work of art on your fingers. If you can recreate this on your nails by yourself, you should quit your day job because you’re basically Van Gogh.

      Recreate it with: Essie Nail Polish in Anchor Down

      40. Soft, Pastel Snowflakes and Reindeer

      Pastels are obviously the perfect nail colors for spring, but guess what? They work for winter, too, and these colors combined with this design of a reindeer in a sweater will for sure get you into a cozy holiday spirit.

      Recreate it with: Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Slate-R Girl

      41. Holly Berries

      Nope, you don’t have to give up your classic French manicure. Just switch out the classic white for a festive glittery gold and add on a little holly berry stem in the corner of each nail for a little Christmas twist.

      Recreate it with: Nash and Pino Nail Lacquer in Bottle Service

      42. Christmas Nail Decals

      Most Christmas sweater prints leave a lot to be desired (aka they’re ugly), but these nail designs are just perfect. Unless you have super steady hands, pop on pre-painted decals to speed up the process.

      Recreate it with: Christmas Nail Decals

      43. Glitter and Tinsel Nails

      IDK about you, but the holidays instantly make me think of glitter. Get your shine on with this super fun, tinsel- and glitter-filled Christmas nail design.

      Recreate it with: OPI Nail Polish in Red Heads Ahead

      44. Turtle Doves

      This nail design is basically “The 12 Days of Christmas” come to life. If turtle doves aren’t your thing, pick one of the other days to recreate on your nails.

      Recreate it with: Floss Gloss Nail Lacquer in Mrs. Tony Montana

      45. Pretty Presents

      Everyone knows the best thing about Christmas are the presents!! JK, it’s friends and family, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, presents are great IRL, but they’re also really pretty on your manicure. Paint them onto the corner of your nails, or if you wanted to, you could recreate the full box on each nail.

      Recreate it with: Zoya Pixie Dust Nail Polish in Solange Pixiedust

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