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Raisa Ryazanova
Raisa Ryazanova

Raisa Ryazanova could have remained a simple music teacher if not for the theater. Youthful love for the actor who played Romeo led her straight to the doors of the Schepkinsky school. Then came the main roles in the films “Gulya Queen” and “Day and All Life”, the resounding success of the tape “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” and dozens of characters adored by the audience – the so-called “women from the people.” After all, this was exactly what Ryazanova herself was: simple, sincere, modest.

She could repeat the path of Tosya from the film by Vladimir Menshov: stay with her loving spouse, raise children, build a life. But Raisa Ivanovna could not go against her feelings – inflamed with passion for another man, she honestly confessed everything to Yuri Perov and divorced him. But the new chosen one did not dare to leave his old family.

On October 31, Raisa Ryazanova turns 76, she still works a lot, gives interviews and communicates with fans. However, the great grief that occurred last January changed Raisa Ivanovna forever: her only son died suddenly. On the birthday of the actress, we recall the main losses that befell her.

Long way to call

Raisa Ryazanova’s parents met in Petropavlovsk during the Great Patriotic War. It was a story worthy of adaptation: the recently widowed Melania Ryazanova found a dying driver on the road, went out and put him on his feet. The couple began an affair, and the illegitimate daughter of Raya became the fruit of love. By the way, the driver turned out to be married and had already raised six children, so Melanya Grigorievna did not insist on his divorce. However, having sent the chosen one back to the family in Michurinsk, the woman still did not lose hope of reunification.

“Because I went to first grade in Michurinsk,” explained Raisa Ivanovna. – For me, one thing is clear: there was no lie or reticence between father and mother. After all, never, even in a fit of feelings, she did not express the slightest annoyance or resentment: they say, she got in touch, oh he was so-and-so, deceived, used. No, there was nothing like that. I think that I am a child of love, and the separation of my parents was not easy for both. It became a real human drama, when the war, scattering some, bringing others closer, presented two people with a difficult solution to the eternal conflict between feeling and duty. “

Only a couple of times did the girl manage to meet with her dad. Communication with him was finally cut off when the mother took the child to Ramenskoye near Moscow, where they settled in a barrack, and then moved to an apartment-type hostel. Here, at the insistence of her parent, Raisa began to learn to play the button accordion. The lessons were not in vain: after school she left for Ryazan and entered the music school.

At first, Ryazanova swung at the conservatory, but when she arrived in Gorky and heard in the corridor how applicants were rehearsing, she was frightened – she was far from such a level of skill. Then the girl returned to Ryazan to her aunt and got a job as a teacher in a school. In the evening after work, Raisa visited the theater and once saw the play “Romeo and Juliet”. This turned her life upside down: from now on, all dreams were associated with the stage and with the actor who played the main character. But behind the scenes, the idol turned out to be not at all as handsome as on the stage: wrinkles and a bald spot hidden by a wig …

“I decided that I would certainly go to the theater, come back, they will give me the role of Juliet, and I will play with him. What did you want to prove by this? To avenge the great deception. I suffered, tormented, but he did not. He had no right to fall in love with me, an inexperienced one. Not only did he lure him, he turned out to be old and bald, ”the actress complained.

The actress's son took his first steps on the set of the film
The actress’s son made his first steps on the set of the film “Day and All Life”

She entered the theater school the first time: she chose “Sliver”, since the building was located in the center and even close to the metro. “Why they took me is a mystery. By the way, I entered the school at the Maly Theater, and graduated from GITIS, on the first of September we were transferred there with the whole course, ”the artist explained.

At first, the student was only interested in studying. She rehearsed all day, stayed up late in the library, was engaged in stage movement. But the next year a new passion burst into the girl’s life: only Yura Petrov, who had just returned from the army, joined the stream. Everything spun so rapidly that Ryazanova did not even have time to come to her senses, as she was married.

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In the fourth year, the couple already went to the institute with a stroller: they had a son, Danila. The boy literally grew up behind the scenes, and got his first movie role as a baby. The film “A Day and All Life” was filmed for months, and the child grew up with the character, even took the first steps in the frame. Raisa Ivanovna remembered those shooting in the city of Gorky not only because of the debut on the screen of the heir: she met a new love on the set.

Bitter may

The artist's marriage to Yuri Perov broke up due to her betrayal
The artist’s marriage with Yuri Perov broke up because of her betrayal

After working on the film, Valentina Telegina presented Ryazanova with her photo with the caption “Bitter May”. As if on purpose, a colleague missed a comma between the words: that month really became bitter and sweet for the actress at the same time. Like a magnet, Raisa Ivanovna was drawn to another, besides married, man. The artist did not name her beloved, but many assumed that it could be the director of the film “Day and All Life” Yuri Grigoriev. Unable to play a double game, Raisa Ryazanova told Perov everything and asked for a divorce.

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“For 10 years Yura Perov did not marry, I thought that I would come to my senses and come back, but I didn’t. And with that other man … he always returned to his home, and then he called and we met. I was waiting for the offer from him with fear, because then it would mean that he broke his family. And thank God that this did not happen. I just breathed, saw a loved one, starred in films, lived ”, – Raisa Ivanovna described the relationship that lasted 10 years.

Once the beloved simply stopped calling: he waited for the moment when Ryazanova became older and wiser, and the separation responded in her heart not with pain, but only with slight sadness. Immediately after parting, the picture “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” came out, which won an Oscar and fell in love with fans of Raisa Ivanovna, Irina Muravyova and Vera Alentova like no other. Once, at an evening in honor of the anniversary of the tape, Raisa Ryazanova was handed a note asking if she was happy with her fate.

“She answered:“ My Tosya is happy. Ryazanova has no such fate. ” I thought myself: if I had stayed with my husband, about like my Antonina, and there would have been life. Would I like this? No. Because I have been at such a height of feeling – nothing can be compared with anything, ”the actress concluded.

Yuri Perov eventually got married and had a daughter in his second marriage. But Raisa Ivanovna, after parting with her mysterious lover, did not dare to start a new serious relationship. The main man for her was her son, and the most important thing was cinema.

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The filmography of the actress has more than 200 roles: “Don’t go, girls, get married”, “Notes of a young doctor”, “Shouldn’t we send us a messenger?” In the 2000s, the artist began acting in TV series, appearing in Truckers, Soldiers and Don’t Be Born Beautiful. In addition, the star played in advertising, hosted the talk show “Your Business”, and at 60 she first appeared on the stage.

It seemed that nothing could really upset this active, optimistic woman, let alone break. But the beginning of the year turned out to be harsh …

The only son

Danila Ryazanova called her hope and support. She was sincerely proud of the heir who continued the stellar dynasty: the young man graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School and in the 90s got into the troupe of the “Commonwealth of Taganka Actors”. As a child, he played in the films “The Seven Winds Mob” and “I Want Him to Come”. With age, Danila Perov increasingly appeared in popular TV series: “Always say” yes “,” Turkish March “.

The personal life of Ryazanova’s son turned out well: at 20 he met his beloved Alena. The open and sincere daughter-in-law immediately liked the actress. “I understood that their connection was somehow very serious. From the heart and from the soul on both sides. Once they came to me to ask for a blessing for marriage. I could not say no. And if everything is strong with them? What if they succeed? And thank God, everything went well for them, ”the artist shared in the program“ The Fate of a Man ”on the Russia 1 channel.

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The couple lived in peace and harmony, recently celebrated a pearl wedding, having spent 30 years together. It seemed that Danila had everything one could dream of: beloved wife and mother, son Andrei, work in the theater. In general, the actor was healthy, played football, ate right, the only thing was that he sinned smoking, despite the fact that he suffered from asthma since childhood. Why, on the night of January 22, a 51-year-old man suddenly died, although he had called his parent the day before and said that everything was all right?

“That night Danya told his wife that he was cold, Alena went to make tea. In the kitchen I heard him wheeze. He says, they say, I’m flying into the room, I understand by the eyes that he doesn’t see me, doesn’t recognize me. I called an ambulance, the doctors arrived seven minutes later and said it was already late. And that’s it, there is no man, ”Ryazanova complained.

According to the official version, the cause of death was a detached blood clot, but in stellar circles they started talking about a mystical background: by a fatal coincidence, Danila died at 51, like his dad.

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Raisa Ivanovna was shocked by what happened, because the son never complained about his health. Or did he have problems, but he didn’t want to worry his mother? “The guys talked about gout, that he had something with his leg. I’ve never seen him limp. Danila told me everything: “It’s okay.” Here recently I find out that he screwed up the engine of the car, and did not tell me anything. I’m wondering now: why? Not wanting to upset me? ” – Ryazanova was indignant in the “Honest Divorce” YouTube show.

It is difficult even to imagine what is going on in the soul of a mother who has lost a child. Everything around me reminded of my son, only work, the support of the grandson and daughter-in-law helped to drive away sad thoughts. The team of the show “To the dacha!” Also tried to save the artist from depression. led by Natalya Barbier: in the summer, the designers tidied up the suburban area, the improvement of which was previously done by Danila.

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“The only memory remains in the mind and heart. One can somehow distract oneself from thoughts, but it hurts the heart more: it entered, the village sat and sat. They say that after a year it will be easier, – the actress sighed. – On the program from Boris Korchevnikov, I said in the heat that I would live for my son. I don’t know how strong will be enough, there is a desire ”.

Based on materials “7 days“.

Photo: Andrey Nikerichev / AGN “Moscow”, archive of the press service, personal archive, frames of the films “Day and All Life”, “Such a Guy Lives”, “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”, frame of the program “To the Countryside!”


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